What's the Story behind your dinner tonight?

Who can resist the catchy tune and the mouthwatering morsels dazzling our screens in the M&S advert, Adventures in Aroma.  It evokes everything that screams summer and makes you want to drag out the bbq, invite your friends round and impress them with your culinary skills.

A visually exciting advert will bring customers through the door, eager to recreate a table laden with beautiful dishes and taste sensations. But what about those consumers who want to dig a little deeper and explore the origins of what they eat?  Where does it actually come from?  Is it organic?  Is it free range?  What does the farm look like?  What do the growers look like?  What does a season look like?  

How often do we think about the growing process?  Probably not very often, yet there is something fascinating about going 'behind the scenes' and watching how our food is produced, from the field to the table.  Having spent a few days filming some pretty impressive polytunnels, sampling the freshest fruit on earth and meeting some incredibly hard working people, it certainly was an eye opener.

So if you too are a food producer, you may be mass market or an artisan maker or niche grower, how about sharing your story with your customers?  Perhaps you are looking to supply some major food outlets and want to show just how wonderful your produce is. You obviously want to demonstrate the hard work, care, and passion that goes into what you do.  

From drone footage of your landscape, interviews with the growers and farmers, to demonstrations at your kitchen table.  Why don't you show us where it all begins with a video story?