Are we over Entertainment Ownership?

Why I've let go of entertainment ownership - Suzi Jones, Creative Director NGC

There are three things I really couldn’t live without in life.  Film, music, and literature.  But if you were to walk into my home, you may think I’m not a massive fan of any of these things.  All DVDs have been packed and stacked into storage.  I don’t even know where my CDs are, and my bookshelves have been scaled right down to cinematography, classics, special editions and anything containing illustrations.  Just to be clear, my home is not devoid of fun or interest, that piano is not going anywhere!

But the lack of the physical in no way represents my lack of consumption, if anything it has increased, and this is all down to how I now access the things I love.  It’s all digital, online and available whenever I want it, and more importantly, wherever I need it.

Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sky, iTunes, Kindle to name but a few of the resources I subscribe to, are the keepers of everything I need.  I don’t miss the physical or desire a sense of ownership.  I’m more interested in the convenience and the fact I can watch, listen and read anytime I like, without the need to cart around a library of entertainment when I’m on the road.

The sheer abundance of material available to me through any of these subscription services, I would have to live in an aircraft hanger to house it all.   I have friends who just can’t let go of their CD and DVD collections, but for me, I got rid and bought more tech for better viewing and reading capabilities.  I seem to consume books on the Kindle faster, I’m watching more films than ever and my Spotify playlists are multiplying. 

I don’t care about owning the physical, what I’m paying for is access to a never ending catalog of entertainment on demand.  This is probably the future and that’s fine by me.  I'm always on the lookout for the next big subscription idea.