Ready to get engaged?



Not just with one person, but with thousands? A global love story if you like.  It’s all about your brand, after all, something you as a business are clearly passionate about.

Getting your content to work for you is hard and always a challenge.  Brands spend a fortune on content whether that’s print or digital, making sure they reach their audience and engage with them.  So, what would you say is the most natural way to engage with another human being?  Actually meeting them in person? Probably not so much now, as we are living the digital dream and can grab as much information as we like with a few clicks and swipes.

But short of being in the same room as our customers, the only way they can find out the most about our brand, our product and more importantly, what kind of people we are, is to use video.

When it comes to storytelling, video has to be the most engaging way to reach your audience and potential customers. But not just any video story will do, you have to be clever and you have to think about quality.  There is nothing worse than watching a poorly produced video which does your brand and product no favours. 

So before you start out on your video project, there are a few really important steps to think about.

The Story – Be imaginative and creative.  Don’t be afraid to think differently. If you want your brand to stand out from the rest, be bold. 

High Quality - Video is everywhere and production values have increased. So make sure your content really stands out with the highest quality production.

Multiple Platforms – It’s important from the start to consider where you intend to place your content. Be it your website, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.  Think about material that can work across all your platforms easily, without having to have extra edits.  It will allow for easier flexibility for sharing and will certainly be more cost effective for your campaigns.

Good planning and creative thinking from the start is the most important element of any production.  Get this right and you’ll have a campaign to be proud of.