To Wear or Not to Wear?

You want to look your best on screen, of course you do and no wrinkled shirts (obviously). If you look good, you’ll feel great and that will come across to your audience.  So we have some basic but important tips for you to bear in mind before you step in front of the camera.  They’ll help you to prepare and hopefully make you shine on the day.

To start with, you should always be advised by the Director or Producer as what to wear on the day.  This may be dependent on the colour of the background you are shooting against and of course, the actual content of the video will also determine your wardrobe choices.  But as a rule of thumb, follow these tips and you won't go far wrong.

Wear something comfortable  There’s nothing worse than wearing an outfit that’s too tight, pinches in the wrong places or makes you feel miserable.  It will show on camera.  Find something that makes you feel confident and you feel right in.

Wearing Colour  Try to stay away from pastels.  They can make you look a little washed out and give your skin a grey pallor.  You don’t want to look ill or hungover now do you?  There is a palette of colours which work really well on skin such as darker reds, rich greens and blues and navy's.  Find a darker shade of these colours which suits you.  As they are highly saturated, they won't be too bright or too dull against your skin.  They’ll also look good against most backgrounds.

Be wary of black  Unless teamed with a brighter jacket, it can have an ageing effect and casts too many shadows on the face.  If you can,  just wear a darker shade of blue or green instead.  Much kinder.

Patterns  The rule has always been to avoid checked fabrics, complicated patterns, pinstripes and houndstooth.  They really don’t come across that well on video and may just give the audience a bit of a headache.  You don’t want your video to be remembered for making the audience feel a little nauseous, but just for the brilliant content and your great presence.  Also, bear in mind the relevance of the video.  It can look pretty dated if you’re wearing a pattern that was oh so 2015!

Stay away from logos  You want the viewer to focus on you, your product and what you’re saying.  Not to be distracted by brands or bright logos exclaiming ‘I Love Cats’.  (Unless the video is actually about your love of felines).  We’ll let that one go. 

So to sum up, wear solids, think about a middle colour that flatters you, avoid black, avoid logos and make sure you wear something you’re comfortable in.  Ready for your close-up?