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Ready to get engaged?

Not just with one person, but with thousands? A global love story if you like.  It’s all about your brand, after all, something you as a business are clearly passionate about.

Getting your content to work for you is hard and always a challenge.  Brands spend a fortune on content whether that’s print or digital, making sure they reach their audience and engage with them.  So, what would you say is the most natural way to engage with another human being?  Actually meeting them in person? Probably not so much now, as we are living the digital dream and can grab as much information as we like with a few clicks and swipes.

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Are we over Entertainment Ownership?

There are three things I really couldn’t live without in life.  Film, music, and literature.  But if you were to walk into my home, you may think I’m not a massive fan of any of these things.  All DVD's have been packed and stacked into storage.  I don’t even know where my CD’s are, and my bookshelves have been scaled right down to cinematography, classics, special editions and anything containing ...



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