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Ready to get engaged?

Not just with one person, but with thousands? A global love story if you like.  It’s all about your brand, after all, something you as a business are clearly passionate about.

Getting your content to work for you is hard and always a challenge.  Brands spend a fortune on content whether that’s print or digital, making sure they reach their audience and engage with them.  So, what would you say is the most natural way to engage with another human being?  Actually meeting them in person? Probably not so much now, as we are living the digital dream and can grab as much information as we like with a few clicks and swipes.

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To Wear or Not to Wear?

You want to look your best on screen, of course you do and no wrinkled shirts (obviously). If you look good, you’ll feel great and that will come across to your audience.  So we have some basic but important tips for you to bear in mind before you step in front of the camera.  They’ll help you to prepare and hopefully make you shine on the day.

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Brand Storytelling says it all

So you want to make a video about your brand, but how do you make it engaging enough to grab the attention of your audience? Why don't you turn it into a story?

We all love a good story and video is the perfect medium for that.  But rather than creating hard-hitting sales focussed content, think about how a Brand Story will capture your audience's attention and raise your brand profile...

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Here's how to get more leads with Video

It’s hard to stand out when there is so much information and content out there promoting brands and businesses.  Using video as a marketing tool is a brilliant way to get more leads.   You’ll soon notice the difference in your conversion rates, as it’s fast becoming the most powerful marketing tool to use.  Video is versatile with plenty of scope, so here are a few formats to think about...

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