Our Production Services



We offer and work on various styles of video content and formats including:

  • Product Launches

  • Corporate films

  • Product Videos

  • Brand Campaigns

  • Commercials

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Online Adverts

  • Tutorials

  • Explainers

  • Events and Conferences

  • Aerial filming and UAV (Drone) work.   We are fully CAA Licensed and approved Drone Operators

  • 360 Filming - Our 360 work has been used in the Construction industry, particularly on site survey and BIM work.

Our team also work on documentaries, dramas and features.


Working with British manufacturing industries across many sectors to produce 'behind the scenes films'.  These films are a wonderful way to show the process of how your product starts its life, the work involved and how it finds it's way to the consumer.




  • Creative Brief

  • Scripting/Storyboard

  • Casting/Shot List/Call Sheets/Recce’s

  • Meetings – Clients/Directors/Producers

  • Location Management/Logistics

  • Filming Permissions

  • Travel and Accommodation/Transport


  • Shooting/Sound/Lighting

  • Full Crew

  • Directors/Producers

  • Actors/VO and Talent

  • Props/Studio/Green Screen/Equipment

  • 360 Filming/Drone Filming(CAA Licensed and approved)

  • Helicopter Aerial Filming


  • Editing/Grading

  • Voice-Over

  • Music and Composition/Graphics/Animation

  • Approval Edits/Online Edit

  • Deliverables/Data Backup and Protocol

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Aerial Filming, Drone work and 360 Filming

With over 25 years experience in the Film and Television industry and having an Aerial DoP with hundreds of filming flying hours, we bring together the best crew, the best ultra HD 4K camera equipment and the best aerial filming solutions. Used by BBC, ITV, Sky, Discovery and National Geographic. 

We work across all business sectors including Tourism, Manufacturing, Construction and Retail, and Broadcast.  We have a fully trained and experienced camera team who film from helicopters for landscape, water, city shots and events.  Our drone work is used for construction site surveys, heritage sites, drama, tourism and agriculture and music events.